The Intergalactic Adventures of Future Bellboy is an upcoming 2016 sitcom about a freshman named Future Bellboy and his high school days. The series will premiere August 31st, 2016.

Plot Edit

In the year 3016, a freshman named Future Bellboy is willing to go to high school with weird rules, wild lunch lines, newer rooms, and especially new people. Bad thing is, the expired bell sound drives Future Bellboy nuts! Will he keep it together?

Cast Edit

Billy West as Future Bellboy/Phillip J. Fry

Adam Devine as Dingle

Dan Castellaneta as Hornhead

Tom Kenny as Beetley

Benjamin Bratt as Spynum

Kevin Michael Richardson as Clown Acrobot

Kristen Wiig as Ms. Olson

Matt Groening as himself

John DiMaggio as Bender

Trivia Edit

  • This is the first episode to premiere on the last day of August. (August 31)
  • Bender's catchphrase is now and forevermore changed into "Bite my shiny metal bottom!" since his normal catchphrase is unsuitable in Futurama.

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