"Graduation Duh" is the 191st episode of Season 4 and final episode overall of The Intergalactic Adventures of Future Bellboy. The series finale will be set to Friday, June 5, 2020.

Plot Edit

It's graduation day at the James L. Brooks Ice Skating Rink in the year 3020, and everyone's excited to graduate, all except Future Bellboy. He worries he'll never get to see his new people again. But his new and final para told him that he could always visit them anytime. As Future Bellboy gets his diploma, he leaves the school by bus as the screen shuts off for the final time.

Cast Edit

Billy West as Bellboy/Phillip J. Fry

Adam Devine as Dingle

Dan Castellaneta as Hornhead

Tom Kenny as Beetley

Benjamin Bratt as Spynum

Kevin Michael Richardson as Clown Acrobot

Matt Groening as himself

John DiMaggio as Bender

Maurice LaMarche as the Principal of High School

Trivia Edit

  • This is the final episode of the 764 episodes to premiere.
  • This is the first episode to premiere on a future date (2020).

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