Bellboy's Crazy Bandana Hallucination is the 43rd episode of The Intergalactic Adventures of Future Bellboy. The episode is set to premiere on Friday, October 28th, 2016.

Plot Edit

After a horrible nightmare, Bellboy walks into the school as normal, but soon he hallucinates everyone wearing bandanas into street punks, ninjas, and of course, pirates. He was so scared of these, his nightmare wouldn't stop. The only way for his nightmare to go away is to create his own bandana.

Trivia Edit

  • The theme song to this episode is based upon Milo Murphy's Law, a spin off of Phineas and Ferb which came out 25 days after the events of the show.
  • Bellboy's hallucination is exactly the same as Homer's hallucination from The Mysterious Voyage of Homer, thus including Abby Nelson's million mouths next to her, her head transforming a bit, and her nonsensical talk.
  • During Bellboy's bandana hallucination,
    • Mr. Jackson says "Goo goo gajoob?" which is a line from The Beatles' song "I Am A Walrus".
    • Abby Nelson's nonsensical talk includes "Gabba Gabba Hey!" which is a reference to The Ramones.
    • Ms. Olson sounds like Miss Othmar from the screen adaptations of the comic strip Peanuts.

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