Beeltey and the Day of Silence is the 168th episode of The Intergalactic Adventures of Future Bellboy. The episode is set to release on Friday, April 21, 2017.

Plot Edit

Today's the Day of Silence for everyone! Beetley, however, was not interested. He just keeps reading his comic books until he got bit by a rare color bug. Everyone thought Beetley could join in, due to his random rainbow color, until the color keeps changing to his exoskeleton, his eyes, his feet, every part of his body! It's a good thing Future Bellboy has a cure for "color-changer-itis", and that cure is lunch. When Beetley ate the lunch that was on the menu, his body turns back into his normal color scheme.

Trivia Edit

  • The opening sequence to segments 1 and 2 is the exact same as "Not" Coming Out Day, but segment 3 features a rainbow colored title card and the characters of Queer Duck presenting the opening credits cards and Oscar in the title card.

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